Our Production Team

Together the Rallytech production team have a large amount of experience with varied knowledge and backgrounds in aeronautical, automotive and motorsports companies. Taking learnings from their previous experiences, the team members are able to produce high quality and lightweight products.

Our workshop where we manufacture rally car parts - suitable for Subaru impreza and Mitsubishi EvoThe vast majority of the workers previously worked alongside John at TVR, where a lot of the bodywork produced would require a plug to be shaped, a mould taken from this plug and then the final parts laid-up and produced from the moulds.

With the custom manufacturing of sports car bodywork, the team are well suited to developing new parts. A service which has been heavily used through out the production of components for the new Mitsubishi Evo X rally car, the production of the new Fiesta R2 and Super 2000 parts.

Through continued feedback between the established links of Rallytech, continued development of the plugs and moulds produced to meet new regulations and requirements, Rallytech help achieve better performance, longevity and meet lighter weight requirements.

Many of the parts manufactured at Rallytech are also produced using the composite manufacturing technique, to achieve lightweight and high quality components. With team members gaining years of experience at the high echelons of sports car and aeronautical parts manufacture, this high quality and lightweight manufacturing capability has continued with to the components manufactured at Rallytech.

Along with the capability to produce high quality wet lay-up components, Rallytech is also able to produce high quality lighter weight components from Pre-preg materials. With continued development and testing, Rallytech team members have used their knowledge and experience of wet-lay and pre-preg work to pioneer the development and use of Twintex components, that after testing have shown impressive protective abilities matching, and in some cases out-performing the more widely used Carbon Kevlar protective components. For more information on Twintex material, please refer to the materials section of this website.